BME is a company established to prevent global warming and to contribute to structure sustainable societies in and outside of Japan through development and commercialization of technologies intended to make use of and to capitalize on the biomass resources for energy.

Introduction to BME
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Head Office

2F Ikeda Building, 18-22 Izumimachi, Isahaya-City, Nagasaki, 854-0003 Japan

Isahaya Development Center

735-3 Meshiromachi, Isahaya-shi, Nagasaki, 854-0007 Japan

Tokyo Office

Tec Hongo 3F 1-21-3 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
Tel +81-3-5615-8045 Fax +81-3-5615-8046

Biomass Energy Corporation

Biomass Energy Corporation, or BME in short, has recruited scholars and engineers with abundant expertise relating to biomass energy. We have been collaborating with various research institutes and business associates, receiving intellectual property support in a wide spectrum of area.
Particularly, BME has the most advanced technologies in biomass gasification and liquefaction. In addition, BME has Biomass Town Advisors (certified by Japan Organic Resources Association, consigned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery [MAFF]) and Environmental Counsellors (certified by the Ministry of Environment) in Japan.