Our Business

Corporate philosophy

Using our expertise in biomass power boiler, heat exchange and gasification technologies to achieve local production and consumption of energy and eliminate dependence on regional power sources.

Aim to contribute to society on a global scale by developing and commercializing a wide range of biomass energy technologies.

What we aim for

・Use Biomass power boiler and gasification technology to help remote islands and rural areas to achieve independence in energy production.
・Contribute to the forestry industry by using forestry materials, including agricultural waste products in the biomass power boiler.
・To promote recycling by extracting biomass energy from food and other residuals.
・Realization of an eco-friendly society with biomass-derived hydrogen liquid fuel.

Our technology

Manufacture and sale of biomass power boiler, heat exchangers and gasification equipment
1. Energy production using wood biomass.
2. Energy production using herbaceous (waste) biomass.
3. Power generation using biomass-derived gas and extraction of liquid fuel and hydrogen.
4. Providing research and business case studies related to the combustion and gasification of various biomass.